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Designing and facilitating your conferences and dialogues online for you

We design, provide technical support and facilitate high interactivity participatory conferences and meetups online, from small to large groups, such as Open Space Technology, World Café, Liberating Structures, Self-Organised Learning Environments, Art of Hosting, Appreciative Enquiry and peer-based Emergent Learning Labs.  We use the QiQoChat platform which works through a combination of Zoom video-conferencing (or other video platforms), independent breakout rooms (where participants can move themselves) and a number of collaborative online documents and tools as required.  Please have a look at or download our flyer.

The focus is on total participant engagement enabling conversations that truly matter to them.  In these times we can take your offline conference and convert it to an online participatory event.  We also work with facilitators who largely run their own events themselves, but may need a little digital design and technical support to make their events come alive online.

Snapshort image of Showroom

Please visit our “Showroom” to get a sense of how the platform works and the numerous design features which are possible.  We will work with you to design a format suited to your needs.  You can enter our showroom via this link, or contact us to ask for a demonstration.

Here is an example of an Open Space event we held online through QiQoChat.

Various Demos (Showcases) Online Conference / Meetup with emphasis on participant engagement using QiQoChat below:

These Showcases / Demos are open all the time. To view the demo click on the respective link below.  This will take you to the Lobby / Reception page of the Demo – Sign in (if you already have an account), create an account, or simply participate as a guest (the demos are not restricted).  Once registered with you name simply ENTER the demo.