Do you need to run participatory meetings or conferences online? We facilitate online meetings and also show you how you can do it. ​

Internal Meetings
  • Effective team/staff meetings
  • Problem-solving meetings
  • Collaborative Decision-making (Governance)
External Meetings
  •  Working with Clients / Negotiations
  •  Working with Suppliers
  •  Virtual Stakeholder Dialogues
Community Meetings
    • Online networking gatherings
    • Interactive Training and Workshops
    • Neighbourhood parliaments
Sense-making for All
  • Facilitating Liberating Responses
  • Working with Complexity
  • Holding space for sensemaking
Reinvention Dialogues
  • Redesigning how we work
  • Reimagining Society & Civilisation
  • Reinventing our Organisations

Never has there a been a more important time than now when it is important for people, working in isolation, to connect.

  • In organisations staff have to connect and communicate internally, to align their work with colleagues, other departments and customers.
  • In communities neighbours suddenly find themselves having to communicate virtually despite being in close proximity.
  • In networks people want to have deeper conversations with each other and other networks and groups to make sense of what it happening.

All of a sudden we are turning to online tools for meetings.  There are plenty of online tools (e.g. Facebook groups, Slack, Googledocs,…… ) which allow one to communicate ideas, to broadcast messages and even to react to others.  However deep engaged communication is not a one-way flow, it is an exchange, and for people to really be able connect at a whole person level, this can only happen in the moment face to face.  What we need are live face to face conversations, and that now has to be online. The key element is for communications to be peer to peer and interactive. Most of us do not know how to do that well, and especially not online.

Organisations who are sending their staff, equipped with laptop, home to work from home, in a context where average 70% of staff were already disengaged, may soon discover that their staff become even more disengaged, unless they can be re-ignited – and this requires having more honest open conversations where they are respected and can express themselves safely, as well as have an influence in the shaping of the future of their organisation.  At a time when we are isolating ourselves, we actually need to be able to connect at a deeper level. Virtually.  We need to be able to have interactive virtual conversations.

Our focus is on rich genuine interactivity, online, for sense-making and reimagining

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